By now, you have probably realized that wedding planning can get very overwhelming. I am here to help you lesson that stress! This post is going to talk about the little things you(the bride) need to have and do, and gather the week of your wedding. I will talk about why you should bring certain things, and give you a detailed list to save for your big day.

First off, be sure you and all of your bridesmaids have cut all the tags off of your dresses. Next step, steam all of the dresses before the wedding day! This will save so much time on your big day. But, also bring the steamer for any last minute touch ups! Also, bring some scissors, because there will always be that “one bridesmaid” that forgot to cut the tags, lol. A couple of more important items are: bobby pins, a sewing kit, and boob tape. Trust me on the boob tape, lol.

Do you have the small buttons, with the tiny loops on the back of your wedding gown? You need to bring a crochet hook! Whoever is helping you in to your wedding dress will thank you! They can be very tricky, especially someone who just had their nails done.

Are you thinking of some matching jammies for you and your girls? Do it!! It makes for such cute photos while you are getting ready. I love seeing matching jammies, robes, flannels, even matching socks!!

Who will be helping you in to your dress? Whoever that may be, let them know they need to be dressed and ready before you get dressed. This way they are all set for photos of you getting in your wedding gown. In my experience, it is so much less stressful if you keep a limited amount of people in the bridal suite while you get dressed. If you decide on you mom, soon to be mother in law, grandma, or your maid of honor, you can do a fun “first look” with the rest of your bridesmaids. It makes for more great photos!!

Remind yourself, and your bridesmaids, to take off any hair ties. They will leave a mark! Also, be sure to use the restroom and apply your deodorant before you get in to your wedding gown, and this goes for the bridesmaids as well.

Let’s get in to the details. I typically start my wedding days with taking photos of your gorgeous wedding gown. I hate seeing those gowns hanging on a cheap plastic hanger. If you don’t want to spend the money on a custom hanger, at least find a wooden or velvet one. This will also help to get more amazing photos!

Lastly, grab a shoe box, and your shoes, so I can get those beautiful flat lays! Please bring your invitation suite, all jewelry you will be wearing, the wedding rings, engagement ring, perfume bottle, garter, hanky, flowers, basically anything small and sentimental you would like in the shots. These shots are a favorite of mine! I love how they tell your story!!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or personal advise. Happy wedding planning!!! xoxo


Wedding Day Tips & Tricks: How to slay your day!!


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