Dania and Jason planned the most perfect intimate wedding, which included Dania’s daughters as the bridal party, and under 20 guests of just immediate family. To them, that was perfect, and I could not agree more!

The Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa is about an hour and forty minutes south of me, from Madison, Ohio. A bit of a drive, but I don’t mind, give me all of the destination weddings!! When I pulled up and saw how grand this mansion was, I was in awe. It is almost finished with all of its restorations. The outside is complete, and only the back half of the inside is still being worked on. It is glorious, from the stained glass windows to the glass door knobs. My couple could not have picked a better location for their wedding!!

The ceremony was in the foyer, surrounded by intricate chandeliers and gorgeous windows. Following the ceremony, the family gathered for appetizers and drinks while we started on the formal photos. I could have photographed this couple all day in that mansion, so many possibilities!! We wrapped up their photos just in time for dinner on the third floor, in a beautiful dining room & bar. Take a look at how gorgeous it all was!!! Give me all of your mansion & destination weddings!!


Dania & Jason - Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer -Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa

Dania & Jason – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer -Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa


Lindsay Dawn Photography

Dania & Jason - Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer -Sebring Mansion Inn & Spa

Dania & Jason’s Wedding at the Historic Sebring Mansion – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer


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  1. Kate Lynn says:

    This venue is to die for!!

  2. Shawndelle says:

    Wow these are amazing images. The location looks amazing.

  3. Raina says:

    Ooh!! I love love love this wedding! They have such style!

  4. Ashton says:

    This was such a unique wedding with lots of vintage edge!

  5. Lucy says:

    Wow, they haven’t missed a beat with their styling!

  6. Bethany says:

    I am a sucker for non-traditional weddings. This looks like the perfect little ceremony that happened just how they wanted it to. Of course they would hire the best Northeast Ohio wedding photographer 🙂

  7. criggs007 says:

    This venue in Northeast Ohio is straight out of a dream! I can’t even imaging walking into that place as a wedding photographer and trying to keep your jaw from dropping.

  8. Debbie says:

    This wedding is stunning I love your editing style!!! The people of Northeast Ohio are so lucky to have such a talented Wedding Photographer available!!

  9. What a cool venue in Northeast Ohio for a Wedding Photographer to capture!

  10. Christie says:

    This Northeast Ohio location is unbelievable! If I were getting married there I’d want you to be our Wedding Photographer

  11. Kelly Zamecki says:

    I love all the details, pops of pink, and the delicious looking cake! Northeast Ohio is a beautiful spot for a fun, fancy, fairytale wedding

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